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ECU Remap of VW Crafter 135 bhp

Reviewed by Steve / Terry of Bromley, South East London. on .

We've owned this VW Crafter from nearly new and have always felt that it has never been right feeling underpowered and suffering terribly from turbo lag. It has had many visits to the main dealer and has cost a small fortune in work that has made absolutely no difference. The last job was the fitting of a brand new turbo, again no difference, shortly after this the DPF Light came on along with a flashing coil light and engine management light and then limp mode. We found Mobile Remaps on the internet and left our no. in the client callback box. Rick called back inside ten minutes and after reassuring us of the effectiveness of  a DPF Removal and ECU Remap we decided to book to have it done. Rick collected the vehicle from us at the appointed time and returned it the same day. The before and after difference is incredible pulling away much easier even with a full load and already we are noticing a fuel saving. The service Rick provided was A1 and would certainly recommend Mobile Remaps for DPF Removal and ECU Remap.

Rating: 4.8

Vehicle Type : VW Crafter 135 bhp

We're seeing a lot of VW Crafter vans with DPF problems and when Terry made the call to us I emphasised to him the need to have the job done quickly. People generally try to keep these going as long as possible in this state because of the cost of repair. Quite often they will come out of limp mode with a flick of the key and will run for some time without going into limp mode, however, this is unwise  and can quickly do serious damage to the turbo and engine. Diesel is forced back into the sump, reducing the lubrication quality of the oil and raising the level of oil in the sump sometimes to the point where it self fuels through the turbo, with no throttle or ignition control. The engine revs will keep rising until the engine self destructs, turning the ignition off will have no effect whatsoever, it will keep revving. After removal of the DPF and remapping the ECU, I took the VW Crafter for a test drive but something wasn't quite right, feeling that there was too much turbo lag. Nothing showed up on diagnostics so I phoned the company that owned the van and spoke to Steve, the Transport Manager who told me that this had been a long term issue with this vehicle and to date had cost them a lot of money attempting to resolve the problem with no success. I spoke with one of the file writers at Quantum Tuning who checked over the original file and the modified file and sent me another modified file to compensate for the issues with this vehicle, after installation I took the Crafter for another road test and straight away the difference was noticeable with no lag and smooth progressive acceleration through the gears and no flat spots! The lesson here is if you are considering DPF Removal or an ECU Remap then always ask which company carries out the file writing, as the quality of back up in this situation is really important in resolving a case like this. I may be biased but Quantum Tuning have always been excellent in this department.

I took the VW Crafter back to the owners and Terry, who is the usual driver of the van was delighted with the result and was itching to try it out loaded. I've since spoken with Terry  who says that it pulls much better than it did even with a load and is burning less fuel all be it to early to get an average figure but it is very noticeable.

Thanks for the review chaps, always good to have happy customers!

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