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If you have never heard of ECU remapping before and would like to know more about its history and the technology then please read our What is a Remap page.

How can a remap improve my vehicle?

Remapping your ECU can improve the performance of your vehicle in many ways, but normally a remap is customized to the client’s specific requirements. Here are just some of the benefits that can be achieved via an ECU Remap:

  • More Engine Power
  • More Miles per Gallon (MPG)
  • More Torque
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Improved maximum speed
  • Improved Acceleration.
  • Overall driving experience improved.

In an ideal world it would be great if we could remap a vehicles ECU and achieve the maximum for all of the above. This just simply is not possible as improved MPG will always be subject to driving style etc. With years of experience in ECU remapping our remap technicians have learned that the vast majority of our clients’ needs can be achieved within 3 categories of remapping:

Remap for improved MPG / fuel efficiency

Target fuel efficiency, especially for Turbo Diesel Engines, but also improves the fuel efficiency of Petrol Engines and None Turbo Diesel Engines.

This remap option tends to be a favourite amongst fleet operators, delivery companies and anybody who has a number of vehicles on the road and where fuel costs reflect on profits etc. Private vehicle owners still ask for this ECU remap option especially where they need to reduce fuel costs.

Read more about our Remap for fuel efficiency .

Remap for Maximum Engine Power

Designed to unleash the full potential of your vehicles engine. Both Petrol and Diesel Engines will benefit from this ECU remap. This Power remap delivers the maximum power from your engine.

A power remap is designed for clients who need the extra power to:

  • Tow loads such as caravans, boats, horse-boxes and other trailers.
  • Running for optimized acceleration.
  • Require a greater torque band (the range of RPM where engine maximum engine power is available).
  • Simply enjoying your cars performance.

Read more about our  Remap for maximum engine power

Remap for combining fuel efficiency and more engine power

As the name suggests our Combination remap ‘combines’ a bit of our fuel efficiency remap with our power remap.

This is our most popular remapping choice requested by our clients. Designed to remove engine restrictions and open up the true power and torque bands of your engine while at the same time returning improved fuel efficiency ratings.

Read more about our Combination Remap

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Price Guarantee

£199 - £225 maximum Guaranteed

Some within our industry will tempt you with ridiculously low prices for so called 'custom remaps' only for you to be told that unfortunately your car is different and as such will cost you more.

To show our true credentials we have launched our 'Fixed Price Range' Guarantee for all of our ECU Remapping products

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If within 30 days of your ECU Remap your not completly satisfied we will replace the ECU remap upgrade with your original ECU software and give you your money back.

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Feb 17, 2013

Martin Stanbridge : Sheerness, Ilse of Sheppey, Kent.

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Feb 17, 2013

Martin Shacklock : Lewisham, London.

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12 Month Engine Warranty

We are so confindent about our ECU Remapping that we include a 12 month warrantly for your engine in with the price of your ECU Remap


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