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Remapping the ECU for Maximum Engine Power

It is a common misconception that everyone who wants more engine power just wants to go faster. There are many reasons why you may want more power from your engine such as being able to tow heavier loads like caravans, horse-boxes, boats and other types of trailers.

If you are not sure what remapping the ECU is about then please read our page Remapping the ECU What is it?

When we remap for maximum engine power, adjustments to the ECU Map are biased towards producing the maximum amount of torque / power from your engine, while still keeping the engines operation within its design limits.

Example of just some of what we may change:

  • Ignition Advance at Part Load
  • Ignition Advance Limiter
  • Ignition Advance During Acceleration
  • Cam timing
  • Lambda Sensor (emission and fuel injection sensing)
  • Injection at Part Load
  • Injection at Full Load
  • Boost Control
  • Boost Limiter
  • Load v Throttle
  • Load v Throttle (Auto Gear)
  • Torque Limiter, RPM Limiter

Those who also want to go faster, accelerate quicker etc will be pleased to know that remapping the ECU for maximum engine power will also meet your needs.

These are typical gains that you can expect from a power remap of the ECU for maximum engine power.

  • 20% - 35% increase in power (BHP).
  • 30% - 40% increase in torque.
  • 5% - 10% increase in MPG (subject to driving style).
  • Reduced and in many cases zero turbo lag.

It is important to remember that no two vehicles, even of the same make and model will produce identical results, although gains will be within the same range as each other.

Remapping for maximum engine power is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines although the gains of a diesel engine will be greater than those of a petrol. This is true of all ECU remapping technologies.

If you would like to talk to an experienced remapping technician about your vehicle or ECU remapping in general then please call any of the numbers found at the top of this page. You can also enter your contact number in our FREE Call Back box (found on the right of this page) and a remapping technician will call you back at our expense.

FREE Call Back Request

Enter the number you would like me to call you back on (numbers only, no spaces etc), click 'Submit Request' and I will call you back

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Price Guarantee

£199 - £225 maximum Guaranteed

Some within our industry will tempt you with ridiculously low prices for so called 'custom remaps' only for you to be told that unfortunately your car is different and as such will cost you more.

To show our true credentials we have launched our 'Fixed Price Range' Guarantee for all of our ECU Remapping products

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If within 30 days of your ECU Remap your not completly satisfied we will replace the ECU remap upgrade with your original ECU software and give you your money back.

Client Reviews

Feb 17, 2013

Bob Splitten : Canterbury, Kent.

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Feb 17, 2013

Martin Shacklock : Lewisham, London.

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12 Month Engine Warranty

We are so confindent about our ECU Remapping that we include a 12 month warrantly for your engine in with the price of your ECU Remap


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